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Paul C Vangrossi

Paul C Vangrossi

Paul C. Vangrossi, a 1952 graduate from Franklin and Marshall College and a 1962 graduate of the Villanova University School of Law, has been practicing law for over forty-five years. He is licensed to practice law in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, in the Federal Court system and before the United States Supreme Court.

When Paul graduated from Franklin and Marshall College in 1952, he was employed by Prudential Insurance Company as an internal Auditor. For three and a half years, he was one of a select group of internal Auditors who audited the Company’s mortgage loan and investment accounts in Company and Agents’ Offices in Canada and throughout the United States. At the beginning of 1956, Paul was promoted to a position as a Supervisor of mortgage loan accounting in the Prudential Mortgage Loan Office in Jacksonville, Florida. In 1958, Paul was moved to the Controller’s staff of the Prudential Southeast Home Office in Jacksonville, Florida and held this position until he left Florida to attend Villanova Law School in September of 1959.

After Law School, Paul worked in the law office of Vincent A. Cirillo and was appointed an Assistant District Attorney for Montgomery County in March of 1964 where he served until the end of 1966 when he established his own law office in Norristown, Pennsylvania.

Paul practiced law in Norristown as a sole practitioner and as an associate and partner of former Montgomery County Judge, Daniel A. Quinlan, until 1973 when with Francis Recchuiti, he established the law firm of Vangrossi & Recchuiti.

In the early part of his legal career, Paul had an extensive criminal practice and was involved in many high profile criminal cases as a defense attorney.

For a period of over thirty-five years, Paul was involved with municipal work. He served many terms as the Norristown Borough Solicitor and another municipality. In this capacity, he was involved extensively in reviewing and approving land development plans, zoning problems, building code enforcement, municipal legislation and other real estate problems.

For a number of years, Paul was a member of the Pennsylvania State Boroughs Association and in the mid-Eighties served two terms as President of the State Solicitor’s Boroughs Association.

In connection with his municipal work, Paul saw the adoption of the two labor law statutes which gave municipal employees the right to organize unions and collective bargaining. Act 111 gave the police personnel the right to unionize, engage in collective bargaining with their municipal unit and arbitration of collective bargaining issues. Act 195 gave all other Pennsylvania municipal employees the right to unionize and collective bargaining. As a municipal Solicitor, Paul had extensive experience in all phases of municipal labor law.

In the area of civil rights litigation, as the Solicitor for the Borough of Norristown, Paul had extensive work in defense of civil rights claims and other claims against the Norristown Police Department and municipality. Some of the cases involved trial work in the Federal District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

As a sole practitioner and as a member of the law firm of Vangrossi & Recchuiti, Paul was involved in an extensive general practice. He has extensive experience in domestic relations, personal injury practice and because of his prior accounting experience before going to law school, Paul has done Estate work which includes complex Federal Estate Tax Returns, Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax Returns and Orphans’ Court work.

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