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Francis Rechuitti

Francis Recchuiti has his office address at 319 Swede Street, Norristown, PA 19401 where he practices law under the firm name of Vangrossi & Recchuiti, with his partner, Paul C. Vangrossi. This partnership began on a handshake in December of 1972 and they were previously located at 21 East Airy Street, and have been at the present location since August of 1981.

In 1965, after admission in March of that year to the Bar of the Orphans’ Court and the Court of Common Pleas of Montgomery County, he became a member of the Montgomery Bar Association. Prior to that, in December of 1964, he was admitted to practice before the Superior Court of Pennsylvania, and in January of 1965, he was admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. Subsequently, he was also admitted to the Federal Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, the Federal Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania, the Federal Court for the Southern District of New Jersey, and the Court of Appeals of the Third Circuit.

Some of the Montgomery Bar Association Committees, activities and responsibilities in which he has been involved were the Criminal Defense Committee; Rules of Criminal Court, serving as Chairman on two different occasions; Rules of Family Court, where he served as Chairman on one occasion; Montgomery County Trial Lawyers, one of the original members; the Judiciary Committee, one term in the mid 1990's; the Bench Bar Committee for a number of years on two separate occasions, and presently again on the Judiciary Committee.

In the mid 1990's, he did a three year term on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court Criminal Rules Committee and was selected for the first group who presented the Bridge the Gap Program and did, in fact, present at Temple University in 2001.

Along the way in life, starting back in 1965 he served as, but was not limited to being, the first President of the Sweetbriar Hidden Valley Civic Association; Secretary, Treasurer and Board member of the Upper Merion Jaycees; President of the Philadelphia Area William and Mary Alumni Association; Softball Coach for the Villanova-Radnor Civic Association Jr. League; Coach of the American Jr. Legion Baseball Team for Upper Merion; Softball Coach for the Unionville Athletic Association Girls Softball Team; Coach for the Unionville Community Girls Basketball Team; and longtime member of the Philadelphia Masters Track Association.

Since 1977, he has been very much involved with the Order Sons of Italy in America, having joined the Valley Forge Lodge 1776 and then serving as its Orator, Vice President and two term President of Valley Forge Lodge 1776. Upon its merger with Loggio Antonio Meucci or L.A.M., it became the L.A.M.-Valley Forge Lodge 1776 and he was its first President for almost two terms. He served as the President of the Pennsylvania Commission for Social Justice of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania, was elected in 1995 for two terms as the National Orator for the Sons of Italy in America, became a Sons of Italy Foundation Trustee in 1999 where he served until 2005 and then was elected again as National Orator in the one hundredth anniversary of the Order and is presently serving in his second term as National Orator.

A native of Ardmore, Pennsylvania, he started his education in the Lower Merion Township School system and in 1949, his family moved about three blocks and he ended up in the Haverford Township School system where he graduated from Haverford High School in 1957. He went on to graduate from the College of William & Mary in the Class of 1961 where he received an AB Degree in History. He then attended and graduated the Villanova University School of Law in 1964 where he received an LLB which is now considered a J.D.

Since graduating from Law School in 1964, he has appeared in front of every Judge that was ever appointed or elected in Montgomery County beginning with the Honorable E. Arnold Forrest, President Judge, and the most recent being the Honorable Thomas P. Rogers, in front of whom he tried a seventeen day murder case in December of 2005. In addition to all of the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas of Montgomery County, he has appeared in the Courts of Common Pleas and its Judges of Berks County, Bucks County, Carbon County, Chester County, Dauphin County, Delaware County, Fayette County, Greene County, Philadelphia County, Schuylkill County, Sullivan County and an appearance in Saluda County, South Carolina in order to obtain records back in 1965.

In addition to the foregoing, he is probably one of the few lawyers at the Bar who has tried and continues to try jury cases from start to finish in both civil and criminal Court, and he has also handled support, custody and divorce cases in Family Court; in the Orphans’ Court, both administratively and trial cases; has handled matters before Administrative Judges in the Workers’ Compensation Court; Liquor Control Board; Unemployment Compensation; State Police Court Martial Board; and the Environmental Hearing Board. He was admitted pro haec vice and successfully handled a trial in the Delaware Chancery Court. On appeal, he has appeared before the Judges of the Commonwealth Court, the Superior Court, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, and the Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit.

In 1995, he was the lead attorney in Byrnes v. Caldwell in which the Pennsylvania Supreme Court declared unconstitutional the Act of the Legislature requiring separated and divorced parents to provide for a college education for their children but not requiring the parents of an intact family to do so. Recchuiti handled this case from the preliminary hearing conference, through the Support Master, Common Pleas Court Trial, argument before the Superior Court of Pennsylvania and finally, successfully having the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania overturn all of the foregoing.

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